BioQuip going out of business

BioQuip, the biggest source of entomological supplies in North America, is closing on March 11 according to this release. They have long provided many unique tools for researchers, hobbyists, and naturalists that cannot be found anywhere else.

They have been looking to sell the business for the past year, but looks like they are going out of business. They are still taking orders as of February 11.


That is too bad. :(

Noooooo!! Oh, that is too bad, they’ve been great.

What?? That is awful! I’ll have to stock up in insect pins. Despite the unusually expensive shipping, Bioquip was always the best you could get.

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Terrible news. I’ve never ordered insect equipment elsewhere; anyone have any reliable alternatives?

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Nooooooooo! That’s terrible news…I’ve been buying from them for decades. They’re lovely, kind people, too. I’ve never gone to an ESA meeting without visiting their booth in the exhibit hall. Hard to imagine who will fill this niche.

It may depend on what insect group it’s used for. Working with bees, wasps, butterflies, flies, etc. I’ve also used Austerlitz and Sphinx from Amazon or Walmart online. They seemed almost the same, despite that BioQuip may be best. I’ve been using the smallest size 000 which bends easily, which may be true of any brand, although previously used #2. BioQuip and Rose Entomology are trusted websites for insect equipment in general, although on the other hand are expensive, have long shipping times, etc. I think Austerlitz also takes a long time to ship to the US.

What a shame!!!

I’ve never heard of them until now… what a shame, they seem like such an awesome little company :(

This was pretty much the most depressing news I have heard today. My kids and for that matter myself pretty much grew up involved with Bioquip in one form or another. I have always considered them a part of the family.

Really sad news. But has been interesting watching all the activity on spider/ento-twitter, with PhDs sharing their stories of their first order as young undergrads, going there as kids with their parents, etc. I hope that someone else will be able to fill their shoes (tarsi?) but it’s quite a niche market and there is probably not a lot of money to be made.

As an amateur home-gamer I have never needed to order supplies in any real bulk, but today I ordered vials in gross quantity for the first time, hoping this order will last me a few years. I never thought I’d make an order this big, but I guess I assumed they’d always be around. I’ve only even been shopping there for a few years, but this announcement made me feel some kind of way. A sad day for the entomology world :(


Sad news indeed. Their 12-inch cube observation and rearing cages are perfect to keep katydids and record their calling songs, both in the field and in my bedroom. Very good quality, but the older ones showing signs of wear after several years of use. Should have bought some more.

I don’t see anything about this on the website (either of them), I also usually get emails with updates, etc. Are they just not announcing it widely yet?

They have done a poor job of communicating this, and people have been criticizing them online for that. Going back at least a year or two there has been communication about being in poor shape and wanting to sell.

Yes I have seen that, and gotten free shipping several times because of it.

I have used BioQuip for years, and now that it has gone out of business I am stumped as to where to get Entomology supplies. What other options are currently available to purchase this type of equipment in the United States? (I am not in the US now but what I have should last until I go back).

If this breaks any rules concerning sales, advertising, or similar or prompts comments that do I apologize.

I don’t know much about this particular field, but for the US VWR seems decently outfitted. Entomology specific link below:

NHBS (UK/Europe) always has a good range of things for a variety of field based life sciences, but I’m not sure about their payment and shipping system. Entomology specific link below:

Atelier Jean Paquet in Canada also is worth a look:


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Thank you! VWR has some of the things I will need, and the other two look great. Hopefully the others will ship to the US.

I’ve purchased things from the following websites which include shipping to the US: Carolina Biological Supply, Rose entomology, and I bought insect pins by Austerlitz and Sphinx from Amazon or Walmart websites. Those pins seemed good and nearly the same as BioQuip, although others may have longer experience and may be able to further confirm that.

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