Bird's nest and nest parasite egg

I found what appears to be a vireo nest with a brown-headed cowbird eggshell in it. I intend to post it as two observations. I understand that getting an identification on a bird nest might be a bit of a stretch, but is there otherwise any problem with my plan?


Two separate observations is perfectly fine. It would be courteous to maybe alter each photo so that the organism of interest is center-framed or zoomed in.


You can upload one picture and then duplicate it (upper right corner). I would write a little bit information in each of the duplicated observation either as description or as a comment, just to make clear that you mean in one observation the nest and in the other observation the eggshell.


I post bird nests and feathers all the time. When it comes to nests they rarely get id’ed and at best you might be able to get a genius ID. Vireo nests are fairly unique. So it will probably just get ID’ed as vireos.


id suggest clarifying that the nest observation is NOT about the eggshell. confusion happens a lot and it can be frustrating because people dont always take back


There is an Eggs & Nests project. If you join the project and add your observations you’re likely to attract the attention to folks who are interested in nests and eggs. I’ve used a similar ploy to attract the attention of feather fanciers.

Whatever you’re trying to ID, there’s probably a project for people who are interested in those things… and less knowledgeable people trying to identify them.


Two observations sounds good to me and is something I see a lot of people do. You can also link to the other observation as well so people stumbling upon one or the other can access the complement easily.

I want to take this moment to plug the Brood Parasites In Action project which would be happy to take your cowbird egg observation. :)


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