What to do with an observation containing two egg species

This observation has a bird nest with two different species of egg (Dark-eyed Junco and Brown-headed Cowbird-- the latter parasitizes nests frequently).

Should I request that the individual make a duplicate post, one for the junco and one for the cowbird? It seems challenging for them to crop out the separate egg species for each post, but I guess I could request that?

Yes, you can ask user to make a duplicate, no need to cut other eggs out, each observation contains multiple species, but only one is in id.


Yes, duplicate post! Always interesting to have the context of where the eggs are found. This happens a lot with marine snail eggs where one species will lay eggs on top of a different species’ eggs.

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At the risk of repeating what others have written, duplicating the Observation without cropping is absolutely the way to go. Preserving the context for both Observations is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

I recently encountered a similar situation when I photographed two birds perched on pilings off a local beach. When I looked at the photo later I realized they were different species, so I simply duplicated the Observation with the Notes “The bird on the left” and “The bird on the right.”


Just add a note to the Description box in each copy of the observation to indicate which egg that observation is for. It can be helpful to add a comment in each observation with a link to the other one. I usually do this with flower/pollinator combinations or predator/prey observations like this:


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