Blank screen when adding location on upload

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Step 1: Add photos to the Add Observations page.

Step 2: Select all and click to edit location in the bar on the left.

Step 3: When I search for the location the entire screen goes blank. Refreshing the page or clicking the back button loses the observations and goes back to the homepage.

The screen also goes blank if you manually zoom in on the location. As soon as I click to add the red circle the same thing happens.

Have tried uploading single and multiple observations on two different computers yesterday and today and the same thing happens everytime. Before the screen goes blank when adding in the location everything else works fine (can combine observations and add identifications).

I was having a similar problem on the evening of April 4.

Seems to be working fine today. I did rebot my computer yesterday at the end of the day.

Sounds similar but not exactly the same as

I can’t replicate when using Chrome 99.0.4844.84 on my Mac. Here’s a screen recording. Am I missing anything when I try to replicate what you’re doing? Have you tried turning off your browser’s extensions or clearing its cache?

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Disabling browser extensions fixed the problem, thank you. I recently installed a new extension which must have been the cause.

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