Cannot add observation to project after upload on computer

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Step 1: Upload picture from camera to computer to INaturalist website.

Step 2: Set GPS Coordinates manually for location within parameters of project location (I used another observation’s coordinates already in the project since my camera does not record the GPS location).

Step 3: Upload pictures to INaturalist.

Step 4: Try to add observations to project by typing project name into search bar on observation page. Nothing comes up.

Step 5: No observation showing on project page. I have subscribed as member of project, it is set for any observations including casual.

It shows me as a member of the project. I used the same GPS coordinates from another observation on the project. I’m stumped.


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Yes, you cannot add observations manually to collection projects, so I’ll mark this as solved. You should check the requirements of the collection project and whether your observation meets them. I might guess that this is an issue with the accuracy circle of your observation’s location being outside the project’s location, but here are other threads on the forum you can look through for situations that lead to exclusion from collection projects.

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