Bounding box fails to return observations known to be within

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Firefox

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:✓&q=&search_on=&quality_grade=any&reviewed=&geoprivacy=&identifications=any&captive=&place_id=&swlat=38.9422&swlng=-92.4627&nelat=38.9514&nelng=-92.43168&taxon_name=Terrapene+carolina&taxon_id=39814&day=&month=&year=&[]=&d1=&d2=&created_on=&site=&tdate=&list_id=&filters_open=true&view=map

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Step 1: Produce search for box turtle from my observations page using swlat=38.9422&swlng=-92.4627&nelat=38.9514&nelng=-92.43168 (✓&q=&search_on=&quality_grade=any&reviewed=&geoprivacy=&identifications=any&captive=&place_id=&swlat=38.9422&swlng=-92.4627&nelat=38.9514&nelng=-92.43168&taxon_name=Terrapene+carolina&taxon_id=39814&day=&month=&year=&[]=&d1=&d2=&created_on=&site=&tdate=&list_id=&filters_open=true&view=map). Correctly returns 18 observations.

Step 2: From website, search on map for box turtle within same bounding box (ttps:// Incorrectly returns 0 observations.

Step 3: From website, search in Boone County, MO for box turtle ( and zoom to area above. No observations visible.

Box turtles are automatically obscured across a lot of their range, so they won’t appear in most searches of small areas on the Explore page.

There’s an open feature request to display true coordinates on the Explore page when they’re your own observations and when other users have trusted you to view the true coordinates.

(also when I go to your first link, no box turtles appear, as it should be:)