Identifications not showing when searching

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Step 1: Search area on map for IDs by me (test case Wainui bay NZ). Search returns no observations"

The screenshot shows a custom adjusted boundary to show where wainui bay is, but the same happens if you don’t adjust the boundary.

Step 2: Adding an observation in the area using a photo that was previously uploaded as observed there, clicking on location takes you to the exact location where the original observation was made (and even shows other observation if you pretend to batch upload more than one photo of old observations).

This indicates that somehow the observations are in the system, but just not showing…

Any help welcome!


what is the entire URL of the page shown in your first screenshot?

It would also be useful to have a link to one or more specific observations that aren’t showing up/being returned in search.

I’ve recreated a bounding box to be able to copy the URL so not the exact same, but:

Looks like I don’t have access to the observations anymore, they are also gone from my list of observations (when I order them by date observed and scroll down, they are not displayed).

are you saying that the problem is that you can no longer find some observation(s) that you had submitted earlier (regardless of how you filter by a place)? if that’s the issue, when did you submit the observation(s), and what is the taxon of the observation?

Yes, that is what it looks like. I thought it was a search issue, but might be something else. The observation was made on 08 Jan 2021, and would likely have been submitted on the day. It was of a Western weka Gallirallus australis australis.

i looked back at a copy of the AWS iNat data set from 15 April 2021, and i don’t see the observation that you’re describing. (i do see 2 observations of this taxon by you from 2018.) so if you did submit it on 8 Jan 2021, then it would have disappeared between then and 15 April 2021.

i suspect it’s more likely that you simply never uploaded this observation. so i would just load it.

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A distinct possibility if you can’t see them in the database.