Brookesia nana, the nano-chameleon

I wonder if anyone would like to add this taxon?
Here is the species decription, published in Nature:

I started a flag here:

Very cool animal! Just a note that it is published in Scientific Reports, not Nature (Nature uses for non-Nature journals as well as Nature to drive web traffic)


Right you are; my mistake. It’s utterly confusing to see this among the journals in the Nature stable!
Since when did Nature get so hard up??

Agree it’s confusing! I’ve clicked on multiple links thinking they were Nature papers, but no…

I doubt they are hard up because scientific publishing has such high profit margins. But I do guess that people are more willing to pay the $2000 to publish in your “journal” when they know the link will initially make it appear like the article is in Nature… Easy $$$.

sleazy, but corporations don’t care about sleaze

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