Browse_photo interface : is it possible to filter per userID?


I would like to use the browse photo interface but to display only the pictures of one user.

Here for example I can show the chrysomelinae pictures with this interface from all users :

I tried this url without success :

I know that I can display these pictures in the browser interface like this :

But in this url the pictures are grouped by observation (with only the first visible) which is not the case on the browse_photo interface where you can see all the pictures at once.

When people ask me for pictures illustrating certain taxa, I would like to show all thumbnails on the same page. This could attract more users to iNaturalist too (here it is for an expert looking for pictures to illustrate a paper…).

Thank you !

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Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, you can use:[the user ID you’re interested in]

This will bring up all of that observers observations.
Then type the name of the taxon into the Species bar to bring up that person’s observations of it.

Thanks for your answer but this is not what I’m looking for.

With your url, the pictures are grouped per observation. So if there are 5 pictures associated with an observation only one is shown on the grid…

On the browse_photo interface in my first link all the pictures from each observation are shown on the same page side by side → this is what I’m looking for but I would like to filter that per user ID

I’m intersted to display the pictures, not the observations…


This is an other example to show the difference with a species with only 3 observations :

browse_photo display → you see all pictures from the 3 observations

browser display: you see only the first picture of each observation :

i think the short answer is that there’s not currently a screen that allows you to show all all photos for your observations of a given taxon. you could build something with the API though. i don’t totally understand your use case though.

can you explain this more?

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I’ll try to explain this precise usecase :

A taxonomist is about to publish a paper on chrysomelinae. He asks me if I have pictures to illustrate his paper. I say yes you can go there and choose whatever you want :

This is already nice. But on this link, he cannot see all the pictures at once. He needs to click on each observation and then look at all the pictures of this observation then come back to the general search and go to next observation etc… This is tedious. I understand that iNaturalist is not meant to be a personal picture gallery. But it would probably be easy to have this kind of display with all pictures from one user at once. And in the process the taxonomist will probably warn me if there are wrong IDs or provide more precise IDs.


ok. for your specific use case, if it’s just a one-time or relatively infrequent thing, you might be able to achieve your goal using something like it’s not really a photo gallery, but it can display all photos for several observations at once.

for example:

it would be possible to make something more like a photo gallery using the API that would do what you’re asking, but it might take more effort than might be worth it to handle a one-time thing. you could also make a feature request to handle what you’re talking about, but i suspect this kind of request could be the beginning of a slippery slope…

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Interesting ! Thank you !

Would it be possible to see the source code so that I can try to understand how you built that ? (I tried to find it on your github without success)

The links toward the picture do not seem to work
e.g. :

The returned page says : NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not

oh. sorry. i never updated the code to handle cases when photos are moved to the AWS Open Data bucket. it’s fixed now.

sure. the code for all my stuff is at the code for this specific file is at there’s also an /iNat_observation_grid_widget.html file that displays photos in something more like a photo gallery. it pulls only the first photo for each observation, but it could potentially be adapted to display all photos, although maybe it would be easier to just write something from scratch to do a proper photo gallery…

Fantastic thank you !
I hope I will have the time to look into it one of these days…

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