I want to see as much pictures of Prunus pensylvanica as fast as possible but

I marked many of them as reviewed, because I do Prunus as a whole (and they turn up on that page) in ID mode.
Via explore is painstakingly slow (and involves a lot of scrolling down). So, what are my options?
In fact, this is a missing feature on Inaturalist, a way just to browse through the pictures of one species.

Thanks in advance

Just choose in filters reviewed-any

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Thank you both!

You’ll find that the taxon page is not suited to volume photo browsing since you have to manually refresh the page to retrieve additional photos. Every time you do so, you have to start from scratch.

The Identify app is better suited to photo browsing. If an observation has multiple photos, press command-rightarrow (or control-rightarrrow) to scroll to the next photo. In this way, you can scroll through photos and observations without ever leaving the keyboard. This is much faster.

When using the photo browser, be sure to launch links in a new tab or when you go back it will start from the beginning, which can make for a lot of reloading hundreds or thousands of images in. My browsers have an option to do that automatically, but it doesn’t work with that page, so I hold down ctrl when I click there. Right clicking or tapping and holding on touch screens and choosing “open link in new tab” also works from a selected image, but goes nowhere in the gallery. It also leaves the possibility of accidentally opening the link in the same tab and needing to start over. This is also an issue with browsing on Macaulay Library. Maybe in the future, all the links in the photo browser will open in new tabs by default, like most of those in the Identify interface.

When I scroll down the photos, the photos never end. As I’m looking at a page of photos, I can see new ones appearing at the bottom of the page automatically, nonstop.


It is as he describes, if you click on an observation (e.g. to use the - truely excellent - zoom functionality) and then go back to the overview, it starts from the top, not from where you were at. This indeed is rather irritating.
ID - mode is indeed by far the best way for exploring the site (I had not noticed the option to include reviewed observations yet), which I find a bit strange.
By the way, Prunus pensylvanica needs to be cleaned up asap (incredibel amount of obvious mistakes there).
Thanks Joe for the tip.

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