Bug: Project doesn't show up in individual posts


I think I’ve stumbled upon a bug with our project, the Forest Hill Park Life List.

It’s a collection project for observations made within the park.

As shown in the screenshot below, the project is collecting observations and adding them to the project statistics. (Yay!)

However, when I view any particular observation (for example, this Golden Pholiota observation seen in the previous screenshot), the Forest Hill Park Life List project is not listed along with the others. Here’s a screenshot:

What’s more, when I search for our project, the search box turns an unhappy red color.

Is there something I can do to remedy this? Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

Many thanks!

~ Chris

The observer must join the collection project in order for the project badge to show up on their observations. This is because an observation can potentially be in hundreds or thousands of collection projects.

“If an observation meets the requirements of a project which the observer has joined, you will see a “badge” on the observation’s page.” (https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects#collection)

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Hey, thanks, tiwane!

I guess I missed that distinction when we switched from a “traditional” project to a “collection” project.

Sounds like everything’s working just fine!

Have a good one,

~ Chris

It’s all good, probably worth making it standout more in the Managing Projects page and perhaps adding this as an FAQ as well.