Observation not displaying in project

**Platform: iOS

Observation won’t display from Project page, but says it’s part of the project from the individual observation page.

Step 1: I created a collection project to study a specific area, set my criteria, etc.

Step 2: I made an observation that fits the criteria in that area

Step 3: On the observation, it shows that it’s included in the project

Step 4: When I go to the project, it shows zero observations

I’ve reloaded multiple times, tried on the app and in Chrome on my laptop. I can’t figure out why the observation won’t display on the Project page… I know it needs 50 observations to count as a real project, but I don’t want to keep uploading observations if there’s a glitch that’s preventing them from displaying in the project. Any ideas as to what’s causing this?



… i don’t see a bug.

see: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/why-dont-these-observations-show-up-in-this-project-official-topic/12523/55.

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From the observation page, it shows that the observation is part of the Malone Cliff Circle project.

From the Project page, it shows that there are no observations.

Am I missing something?

it looks like you just updated the “accuracy” value of the observation (to null). so i do see it in the project now.

so i still don’t see an issue.

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