Bug with Deleted Content box blocking Taxon entry on flags search page

Platform: Website

Browser: Opera

URLs of any relevant observations or pages: inaturalist.org/flags

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

After choosing the Taxon content type:

After clicking on the Filter button:

After pressing backspace:

Description of problem): When looking for flags on a specific taxon, you must first click on the Taxon content choice, click filter, and then put in the taxon, instead of doing it all at once.

Step 1: Choose Content Type “Taxon”

Step 2: See that it shows the Content Deleted options in place of the Taxon box

Step 3: Click filter, and the Taxon box will show up instead of the Content Deleted box

Step 4: Press backspace, and the Taxon and Content Deleted boxes will disappear

I think the intended result here should be that when you click the Taxon content type, it should show the Content Deleted box and the Taxon text box, but only have one available at a time, so that you can either search for deleted flags on taxa, or for flags on a specific taxon.

There are a few other bugs when switching Content Types where the Content Deleted box disappears, but it’s probably best to only make one bug report on it.