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Hi to all,

In last weeks i’ve begun to investigate some ‘flags’ about taxonomy.

In header of the "flags’ page, there’s various ‘filters’ (toggle boxes etc - forgive my failure to know the terminology).

There is “content type” where to me then selecting “Taxon” (=> filter) is most interesting for my experience, limiting the presented “Content type” flags to only “Taxon”. Areas where i feel my training can contribute value.

Then - it’s all taxa - but i’m interested in arthropods. Is there any way to further narrow down what taxon flags get my attention? Core aspects of taxonomy for plants at least differ from ‘animals’, bacteria from others etc. Am i missing a way to further filter what flags i see towards taxa where i’ve got experience or at least have more focus? To me, even if i could just filter out the animals from others it would greatly reduce queries towards ones that i’d be most interested to help resolve

To only see arthropod flags, two options:

  1. Once you select ‘taxon’ from the dropdown and then click the filter button, a new search box appears allowing you to specify a taxon:

  1. Alternatively, you can just append &taxon_id=47120 to the end of your URL once you’ve done your other filters, but option 1 is the easiest
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Huh. I’ve never seen that “Taxon” box before. I was nearly ready to argue about only being a toggle box for “Content Deleted” underneath content type, but now refreshing and pressing filter, it appeared. Awesome - thanks. Pretty sure i’ve tried limiting to Taxon before and pressing filter and nothing appeared - but i got it now, thankyou!

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See https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/show-taxon-filter-on-flags-page-before-committing-search/12452 for a request to show the Taxon box without clicking Filter first.

Thanks. Vote added and comment. My fault for not making effort to search out that it was an issue raised long ago.

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