Bulk edit performance issues


I am using:
OS = Windows 10
Browser = Chrome

Tried to bulk edit my observations but it seem does not work with >10 abservations, which is very small number I have >4k to edit.
How can I workaround this?

The options are limited to the set 10,20,30,50, 200. With 50 and 200 I am just having a timeout error.
20 and 30 are not tried, the option 10 works but its very slow.

Being honest even 200 is a small number and I would need 20-25 iterations to have my job done. But still…

Thanks in advance.


I also would like increased numbers to be able to be edited at once, and currently use only 50 per page due to the high rate of failure with Timeout error as mentioned above, for 100 or 200 obs.

I don’t know if more complex edits - eg involving several Fields, or particular fileds - affect this performance.

The timout error message often appears despite the obs having apparently all been edited, so it pays to check what actually happened. And to be aware that those obs just updated will not show the edit in the thumbnail in the Bulk Edit page for some time (hours?) despite refresh, so you have to open one to find out if it is edited.