Butterfly Transects, New Zealand

Platform(s), mobile (both android and IOS) and web-based

Description of need:
I’m with the Moths and Butterflis of New Zealand Trust. In NZ not many people recognise our butterfly and moth species - we want to increase community awareness and learn if they are in decline.

About 2006 the MBNZT (www.nzbutterflies.org.nz) created a desktop feature whereby our members could walk transects, following the same path around their community and noting the butterflies they saw. When they returned to their computer they recorded this data. The count went into a *.csv file stored on our website.

Our website was redesigned last year and it was decided the system (technology) was dated so it was discarded. We’re looking at the possibility of creating a mobile app. so that people can log what they see at the same time as they see it.

Feature request details:
The recorder (transect walker) sets their transect up and then throughout the season (October-April?) they walk the same route twice a week, each alternative walk in the other direction. Routes can be 2-3km, more than likely suburban. Each time the recorder logs in so the date, time, weather would be recorded automatically. They would need to record the percentage of cloud cover and wind speed.

As they walked, when they saw a butterfly, they would use their camera to snap a photo of it. The location and time would also be recorded. We envisage these sightings would be immediately uploaded to inaturalist.nz.

See the attached images.

Note: The images attached were of an early version of what the app. might look like when I was considering asking a software developer to help us set it up. However, he suggested we should approach iNaturalist to see if (a) anyone else had designed something similar, and/or (b) if there would be any demand for such an app. anywhere else in the world.

Looking forward to discussion.

Jacqui Knight

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Hi, this came in as a feature request but since iNaturalist doesn’t quite work as smoothly with this kind of monitoring protocol I moved it over to the nature talk section. You could try observation fields attached to a project to see if that would work for your purposes. https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects#traditionalsettings

You might take a look at https://pollardbase.org/


Only Europe is supported, do not know why. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ac.ceh.ebms&hl=en_GB But the protocol followed here it is different, this app counts all butterflies for 15 min independent from the track, an you want to count all butterflies on a predifined track.

Support of the world should mean support all butterfly species of the world, that might be the reason for the limit.

Obsmapp also supports routes all over the world for all species of the world except near the datum line - 180° westerlengte , deze lijn is de datumgrens.


Why don’t you send a message to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that makes the eBird app? They have been developing that app for a number of years. Maybe they would help you get started. It’s all connected: birds, moths, butterflies…

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