NZ forest ringlet butterfly sighting

I saw a poster at the vet clinic about the ringlet butterfly and to report any sightings. I have attempted to follow the instructions to do so but posting this is all i have found of any help.

So, i believe i sighted the ringlet butterfly on the peak of mount tarawera on the 5th May 2022

Hey Danielle, and welcome to the forum.

This is the discussion forum, where you can start threads about iNaturalist, e.g., reporting bugs with the platform, chatting about nature with other naturalists, or requesting new features.

What you’re looking for is iNaturalist itself: That’s where users can upload observations of organisms they’ve encountered. Typically an observation will have a photograph attached as ‘evidence’ of your sighting, but you can still upload observations without any media if you’re sure of what you saw.

Feel free to ask any questions if you’re unsure, or check out for more info


Lovely, I’ve never seen one! Lots of experts follow, so even if you make an observation with no photo, I’m sure any expert interested will see it.

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Might be more info for you here


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