Calendar not showing all 'Life List Firsts'

Hi there! I noticed recently that the calendar part of the website wasn’t behaving quite right with the ‘life list firsts’ section. For example, on this page it lists 6 life list firsts, but actually there should be 9 (The European Bittern, Northern Lapwing and Reed Bunting were also firsts for me).

I made sure it wasn’t an issue with the life list not having updated (you know how sometimes you have to reapply the rules to make it notice you’ve seen new species), but everything is working fine on that end.

Any ideas?

i don’t see the European bittern, northern lapwing, or reed bunting in your life list. i do see the green sandpiper there, which is one of the birds that showed up on your calendar first list. maybe you do need to update your life list after all?

Hmmm interesting. I assumed updating it would add them, but you’re right, they’re still not there. As of a couple of days ago, pressing ‘Reapply Rules’ and ‘Reload from Observations’ did nothing to the list, even though they were new species to me.

However, I checked just now and it seems both the Calendar and the Life List have updated. Should this be logged as a bug - the root cause bug, if you like, of the calendar issue? It seems to have taken a good few days to update, and as I said, the buttons which I imagine should check through and grab observations seemed to do nothing.

i’m not sure logging a bug will get anything fixed faster. i get the sense that life lists are just known to be a bit buggy and that they’re just not as high priority as some other things right now. all i know other than that is that reapplying rules and reloading (in that order) seems to update my list.

there are lots of other discussions in the forum that touch on problems with life lists. for example:


Thanks very much pisum, appreciate the info!

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yeah alas, despite how fun this feature is, it’s pretty broken and thus often doesn’t work.

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