Life list question - updating?

new user here. I have a question which is probably easily answered. I have now added over 200 photos. My life list is compiling nicely but corrected ID’s for a few species is not carrying through into my Life List eg I posted Arrow-marked Babbler which was actually Black-browed Babbler but it still shows as family ID in my Life List. Also a few species don’t appear in the Life List at all. Is there something I need to do please?

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I’ve run into some of the same issues – some species just seem to be invisible, for some reason. Apparently lists are a function that was set up very early, and have gotten pretty buggy. I’ve read on here that there are plans to revamp them in the near future.


Near the top of the list is a drop down marked Tools. Run the 2 things there in reverse order, so run Reload from Observations then run Reapply list rules. It will try and force the list back into synch. But as noted above, lists are known to be buggy, and it is a matter of time until your list is out of synch and you nee to repeat the above.

Please note the key word in the above is ‘try’. I just did this on one of my own lists and it did not work, species are still missing, the last seen dates are wrong etc.


Hmm, I tried your suggestions, but it actually made things worse. Before, I could see my entire set of observations (for spiders for example) if I set it to show both observed and not observed entries (yes, this is definitely buggy). Now the species that were previously considered “unobserved” (although they had actually been observed) are removed from the list entirely. I’m not too concerned about this personally, as I rarely use the lists feature, but just wanted to warn others.


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