On Calendar page, "View All 6" life list firsts button appears when all 6 are already showing

When looking at a calendar page for a particular date, across the top are three categories “taxa”, “observations”, and “life list firsts”. To the right of “life list firsts” are the first up-to-6 names. Beneath that list a button labeled “View All n” appears when there are more life list firsts than could fit in the list above.

But there appears to be an off-by-one bug here: On this page, there are 6 life list firsts, and all 6 names are listed. But there is still a “View All 6” button beneath the names. That button shouldn’t appear in this case.

I paged through my own calendar until I found another page that happened to have exactly 6 life list firsts, and the bug also occurs there. I presume it happens for every page with exactly 6 life list firsts, though I stopped looking after finding the 2nd example.

that page is a very ‘old’ part of the site, and isn’t really updated or fixed, i think the plan is to replace it. It really doesn’t work reliably at all. yesterday i had two insects new to my life list and neither of them show up today:
Hopefully that all gets redone soon and the life list species calendar feature gets fixed. it’s one of my favorites, to get home after a big exciting biodiversity day, and seeing what i had seen for the first time

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Interesting, I haven’t noticed problems with this page before, and like you, I have always enjoyed it.

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