Calling southern African naturalists!

During the 2013-2014 growing season, there was a project that produced a lot of very good iNaturalist observations. Some of the plants seem identifiable, but I have no knowledge of South African plants. In fact, some observations already have species names! (It’s really, really hard not to click “Agree” when I see a name posted by a person I think knows those plants well!) I’ve found this series of photos in October to December 2013 so far, but I think there are more in adjacent months.

Would you take a look and see if many of these plants can be given names? Maybe report back whether it’s practical?

P.S. There are lovely insect photos, too, but insects being little known, I suspect nobody will be able to name them. Surely somebody can ID this possible steenbok skull though:


Is the link right?

The link worked well for me

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