Messaging users in bulk

I was an Organizer for a 2023 CNC event. It was really difficult and time consuming to message an invitation to each user that had been making observations in the area defined in my CNC project. 1600 messages were sent out…. Surely there is a way to, say, select all all users in a specific area (county) who have made observations with in a defined time span (e.g., the most recent month or months). Does anyone know how to do that. I would say there needs to be a permission thing, like being an approved admin for an actual INaturalist event like this.

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No, there is no way to send bulk messages.

You can read that topic and this one for some alternative suggestions though.


As I am sure the above links will tell you, the only real way to contact a lot of people is to write journal post and then @ tag a long list of people either at the end of the post or in the comments.


I’d limit the ability to Curators, or use some other method of prohibiting new or unproven people from abusing such a feature. Personally whenever I get a message that reads like a form letter I’m 90% less likely to reply and somewhat likely to dislike the sender if they’re wasting my time. Same if I’m added to a mass tag without my giving prior consent to the tagger.


Yeah, I’ve gotten some journal posts for CNC projects and similar that literally tagged hundreds (maybe >1000?) users, some of whom (like me) had no relevance to the project - it looked like they were just tagging every high volume IDer for broad taxa. I think if there were a messaging ability, this would happen way more, so I am happy it doesn’t exist.


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