Ability for project admins to send message to all joined members at once?

Hi! I run a fungi survey project and like to send messages to all members to give project updates, and sometimes following our video conference meetings with the Wisconsin mycological society we are all in. Often this is to summarize the part of the meeting featuring iNat observations and identification discussion, particularly for those who weren’t there. I also send a welcome message, plus some tutorial (for members who are new users), whenever I see there are new people.

In the beginning this worked fine. Now with even just 29 people it is much more difficult to send something out by message again and again. Is there a way for a project admin to message “everyone who added themselves to the project” at once?

I realize there is a “Journal Post” feature and maybe this could be my replacement. I intend to make more Journal Posts and duplicate some of the information I sent out through messages anyway. But these do not show up clearly as a notification to my knowledge and instead shows up in the dashboard feed.

While I’m here, I may as well also ask - are there ‘hidden gem’ features for use by project admins anyone can recommend? Or general advice people have? Thank you.


You can tag users in your journal posts if you want them to have notifications.


oh that’s great thank you.

Also you can use this converter https://kildor.name/react/inat-converter/ written by @kildor, you need to copy needed info from the project page and past to the left side, then copy the code from the right and paste in your post plus setting the post format as “nothing”. e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/38445-15-000-nablyudeniy

I appreciate you giving me this also, however after some looking I have to say I don’t quite understand how to use it or what it is meant to do once successful even after ‘translating’! Though I think the tagging people in the journal posts solution will work for me, I will keep trying to figure this out to try and learn more about how more ‘advanced’ iNaturalist features and additions work

So far my best guess is this is making a journal post that goes out with notification to project members like it’s a message and doesn’t show up (shows as ‘nothing’) in the publicly viewable journal posts.

What exactly do you ot understand? It’s a simple copy-paste process. And I linked how it looks in a post.

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