Can I delete a 'wrong' observation?

Hello everybody,

I just found the app yesterday and like it very much so far. :)
Of course, it can happen that the answer from the app is wrong…

Now I got a photo of a black and white cat, showing up under birds as a special penguin (I don’t know the english expression).

But this cat, isn’t a penguin of course… Can I delete it out of my observation list somehow?

I really would like to get rid of this cat-penguin… ^^

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iNaturalist offers the top suggestions based on what it thinks the picture is. Most of the time it’s accurate but few times it can mess up, like the time it thought a wolf spider my intern supervisor observed was a chipmunk (most likely due to the proximity and hair pattern).

It sounds like you’re trying to observe a domestic cat, but iNaturalist users don’t really use the app to observe domesticated animals, so the app tried to find the next logical solution, which is, based on its color pattern, a penguin.

There’s no way to stop it from suggesting “wrong” observations, sometimes you’ll have to do some independent research to confirm a species.

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Hi @seeker1000 and welcome to iNat. Glad you like it :)

All you have to do is go to your observation and click the down arrow at the right hand side of your identification. You can either click ‘withdraw’, or ‘edit’ and then ‘delete’, both will retract the penguin ID while leaving your photo/observation intact. You can then add in an ID of cat through the suggest an ID tab.

*Or as John says below (and the far more obvious way…) is to just add a new ID of ‘cat’ which will override the penguin one.

As Nick mentioned, the computer vision has mixed results depending on the taxon, photo quality, etc. With some groups like birds it’s pretty great, whereas it often makes mistakes with things like insects.


Seek or iNaturalist? Are you on Android or iOS?

On the iNaturalist Android app you edit the observation then click … then delete. You can also add a correct identification (which will withdraw the penguin id).

You can post observations of domesticated animals but they should be flagged as captive (“Captive / cultivated”). As Nick says iNaturalist is focused on wild animals & plants.

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Oh thank you so much! So much help in such a short time.
I have deleted it now. :)

Yes, I know that it is not for domestic animals normally, but I thought maybe some are listed and wanted to try it for my own as a little experiment/joke.^^

But… I think, it is good that I tried it and got that penguin. Cause, that has brought me to the forum. :)

So here I am. Many greetings from Germany.


There’s actually nothing wrong with posting photos of domestic animals, cultivated plants, etc., it’s just they will be marked as ‘casual’.


If it’s not a feral one you just need to add “captive” mark when uploading or now on app you can click “edit” on the observation and add it (it’s in the bottom). Captive animals, plants, etc. are welcomed, they provide data too, just needed to be marked as such.


Okay. I will look out for this possibilty and test it.
There is still much to learn…
I also will have to find out, if there is the possibilty to send pictures to inat later or if it only works, when you do it immidiently.

You can make photos with your camera, then upload through app. For that you can either in the app (choose add a photo) or open image in the gallery and choose “send>iNat”.
Russian version of android app (just ignore words).

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Using the website you can even upload old photos, you just have to manually enter the location information. I have uploaded some from 10 years before I joined iNaturalist.


you can set the app to only upload when you choose to resync. This can save your phone data greatly, so is how almost everyone will use it.

The advantage of using the app rather than taking photos with your phone’s camera app is that the iNaturalist app records the GPS accuracy as well as the location. The iNaturalist app seems to be better at giving an accurate location too… Sometimes the GPS location on photos taken with my camera app is terrible.

That was discussed recently and the consensus was to turn off all connections other than GPS and smartphone will rely only on it, giving the same results as the app does. But sure that’s not always possible, anyway, little off topic.

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For new photos, I use the app-camera
Just saw a link, where I could get to the uploaded pictures and found the duck I uploaded today. :)

So step by step, I will learn and get used to it.^^

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You have a number of observations without photos. It’s fine to upload observations without photos but I wasn’t sure if you meant to do this since there are some where you have multiple observations of the same species at the same time. Maybe something went wrong with the upload from the app?

I think something did go wrong with at least one of your observations as this says it was identified by computer vision suggestions (see the logo between Leading and 2d) but has no photo.


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Yes, something must have gone wrong. I only tried to provide observations with pictures. :(

I didn’t even know, that it is possible/okay to provide observations without pictures.

It is possible and okay to do if you have no pictures/audio, but those observations stay at casual grade. You can add pictures to those observatios, through edit option.

Thanks Melodi and all. :)
I found a way to delete them.
One I edited and added a picture.
And I uploaded my snake-picture. :D


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