Managing Observations in Seek

I love the Seek app! But, there are a few issues I’ve come across that I’m not sure how to manage. I’ve observed hundreds of new species and re-sighted hundreds as well. But, sometimes I will get home from a day full of observations and re-sightings, I’ll open up the observations tab in my Seek app and they won’t all be there. Some of them just don’t get saved. Is this because I’m using the app in areas where I might not have the best internet connection?
Also, I have unfortunately taken a couple of observations in Seek that were identified wrong and I would like to know how to delete those saved observations. – I really enjoy the challenges and achievements and I wouldn’t want to be falsely earning them.

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Did you upload to Inaturalist or only have them on seek?

Only on Seek.

Yeah, seek doesn’t work without Internet, unless you take photos with the camera and add them later. In terms of being able to remove accidental wrong IDs by the algorithm, my understanding is you can’t yet but the goal is to make it possible. But I haven’t tried the most recent update so maybe it’s there.

Yesterday, while I was looking at one of my newest Seek observations, an option came up to delete if it was misidentified. That particular observation wasn’t. But I’ve tried over and over to get that back but can’t figure out how I got it in the first place. But I need that feature!

On Android (beta) I only see the option to flag a misidentification at the time I make the observation (lower right corner). Are you requesting the flag be available on existing observations?

Yes. Sometimes it takes a while before I realize an identification is incorrect. For example, my daughter and I got different species for the same insect. After research, I determined her was the correct one. I now want to delete mine. I now have at least three incorrectly identified species and want to remove them.

I tried it out yesterday: in your observation overview you can swipe an observation to the left, then an ‘X’ appears to delete that entry.

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