Can I make a project only accept observations with a certain value on an observation field?

Hello! :) My project Arthropod Faces only accepts observations that have the “Facial features clearly visible” observation field attached. However, I noticed today that my project allows these observations to be added regardless of if the inputted value is “Yes” or “No”. I would like to change this so that only observations that have this observation field and the value “Yes” are accepted, but I haven’t had any luck making that happen on my own. Can anyone offer some tech support over here please? Thanks!!


you could always limit your observation field’s allowed values to yes and yes (instead of yes and no). but maybe then people would just select yes even when the facial features were not clearly visible. (“clearly” seems to be quite subjective anyway. i looked through some observations marked yes in the project, and i found myself asking if these are really that clear?)

so then i think your only other option is to periodically check to see if any observations in your project have a no value on the observation field, and kick those out (maybe with a little explanation of why you’re kicking them out). right now, there only seem to be 4 such observations. so the maintenance seems manageable as a manual task. but it could also be automated via the API if it becomes an onerous task in the future.


True, “clearly visible” is ambiguous, but in the context of this project, sufficient explanation is found in the project description: “Arthropods are often maligned by the general public, but being able to look them in the eyes can serve as a reminder that they are living creatures just like we are.” So, what is wanted is photos good enough to see the face as a face, and from the front or partial profile, not top-down. I’d say that a good half of what’s been submitted to the project doesn’t suit very well; still, having the field as a prod to people to remember what the project is for must help.

I don’t know if it’s possible to have a project where the curator must approve additions. But at least you could get ruthless about removing not-so-good photos. That would also help people understand: they might not read the description before looking through the pictures.

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I just added to Arthropod Faces some good face pictures from recent observations so that they’ll be among the first ones people see. (Also added “Facial features clearly visible” to a bunch that I thought were adequate but not outstanding so that if you want them, you can find them.) I hope that leading by example may elicit more of what you want.

I wonder if it might be possible to customize the project page to display the observations ordered by faves rather than date added.

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Thank you for the additions! :)

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