Projects - expand inclusion criteria

Hi guys. Could I please request that more options be made available under the “Observation requirements” section, when creating a new project.

Eg, it would be great to be able to include observations into a project based on whether they are:

  1. Captive/Cultivated
  2. Contain a specific Tag


If there is already a work-around which would permit the addition of obs with these properties to a project, I’d be very grateful if someone could tell me how to do it.

Thanks in advance

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There isn’t really a workaround for collection projects in regard to captive/cultivated (aside from not accepting casual grade observations at all). Allowing one to choose wild/not wild as an observation requirement starts affecting which other requirements are possible (like data quality) and so the issue here has been how to design a UI that will reflect that without being confusing.

I’ll ask about a tag function, but can you provide a specific example for how you would use it?


Hi Tony, thanks for getting back to me.

EDIT: Has it always been possible to create a project from Casual observations? Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t see that feature available within the ‘project settings’ page last week. Please disregard the section in italics, as this option appears to have fixed half of the problem. If the option (to include only Casual observations in a project) has been recently added, I really appreciate it, thank you.

I’ll clarify / modify my request regarding Tags within a different thread, because it has now become unrelated to this current issue.

Please feel free to close this request.

Thanks very much!


The following project has geographical inclusion criteria. There are something like ~2000 wild observations (bioblitz) and ~1000 cultivated observations, which I’m trying to split up.

This project is intended to only collect wild observations with the area (as part of a bioblitz)

I am trying to move all of the cultivated observations from the above project into a dedicated “revegetation project” (to empirically assess which species either thrive or die within each broad zone):

This analysis will help refine species selection for each zone in the future.

The first problem is that I don’t seem to be possible to move all these cultivated observations into their dedicated project.

I set up four projects for cultivated plants, as there were such a lot of them seeking Id in the countries we are working with. So the use case is to give users a motivation to flag as cultivated and a place to help one another identify cultivated plants. I used the Casual flag for this but would rather use the cultivated flag. The second use case is to filter for observations that are casual because of missing metadata (often observation date) but not cultivated - that’s to notify these observers that their observations are missing a little something that hinders getting to RG. Lots of these go unnoticed by app users, and as far as I can see it’s usually an upload problem from the Android app that has caused some of the dates to go missing.


Example project