Can I stop getting updates of other peoples' observations that I have earlier helped identify?

I am relatively new here and posting my first topic. Sorry if it is covered somewhere else.

After I identify other observers’ identifications, I get notifications of subsequent actions taken by others on these same observations. I really don’t care about these observations and would prefer not to get notified when someone else adds to the observation that is not one of mine. Is there a way to turn this off somewhere?


First, consider turning off notifications for agreeing identifications if you haven’t yet:


Scroll down a bit and it’s on the left side, uncheck the box, then scroll to the bottom and save.

That said, to stop getting notifications on other people’s observations, including all IDs and comments, you can click Follow in the top right, then select Unfollow.


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I’ll just add a small voice of dissent. Sometimes a new observation needs some action from you, even if it means withdrawing your previous identification. Something to think about.


That would be a use case for turning off only agreeing IDs.

When we are so sure of all our identifications, across a full range of taxa, and we feel we do not need confirmatory feedback or no feedback at all, we can ask if it is so easy for us that we could let other people do it.

Indeed it could be fun for others to do it and receive confirmations, notably if they like interactions and/or are young and/or in the phase of learning.

Sorry for this almost moral questioning…


The options are there for reasons and I don’t think we need to question why this person might choose to or to not use them. I know I certainly get bored of seeing the 10th confirming species ID of some bird I identified as a passerine.

The notifications system is also being revamped, so I’m excited to see how this might change in the future. Closing this since the original poster’s question has been answered.