Unsubscribe from species I've ID'd

Is there a way to turn off notifications/emails/etc. for species I’ve ID’d but observed by others? I’m only really interested in receiving notifications for my observations. I could swear I’ve stumbled across a list of all the observations I’m subscribed to, but right now I can’t find it. Thanks.


I don’t think you can get notifications for only your observations, although it has been discussed multiple times. You can turn off any notifications that match yours, and keep the ones who disagree or don’t match yours perfectly. And you can choose what you want to receive emails about. :-)

The gear wheel in your dashboard next to subscriptions, then choose observations

substitute .org for your normal path into iNat.

At the time you make an ID you can use the “follow” drop down at the top of the Identify modal, and deselect it.

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Just to be clear are you asking about observations or species? Your original question says species.

While you can subscribe to a species, and get updates to that, there is no way to exclude specific species from your notifications if they are meeting the other criteria that determine what you get sent.

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That’s what I was looking for. Thanks. It would be nice if I could default to unfollow or bulk unfollow without individual confirmatioin.

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