Unsubscribing from observations

I do a fair bit of IDing, mostly just narrowing down very general or non-existent IDs. Whenever I do this, I always come back to a huge amount of notifications from other people narrowing it down to species level and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I find this interesting and insightful, but all those notifications end up being overwhelming and sometimes make me miss on notifications I actually want to keep an eye on. Is there a way to stop this? I tried changing my settings and disabling notifications for IDs, but I suspect that only applies to my own observations, because so far it hasn’t worked the way I hoped.

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I know you can unsub from individual observations, using the “Follow” dropdown menu in the upper right. You could work that into your IDing workflow, but I hope there’s a better more global way, because that sounds incredibly tedious.


Thanks! I guess that’s better than nothing if there’s no alternative :P

Unfollow as soon as you ‘don’t want to see this again’.

We have been promised better management of notifications. For years already.
Taxon specialists swim in their notifications.


Thanks! I hope those features end up being implemented.

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