Can I transfer my observations and IDs from a newer account to an older one that I just regained access to?

I created an account on iNat in 2012. Some time later, having not even used the site, I lost access to the email I used to sign up. Now I have regained access to email and thus that account, and it is completely blank and empty.

However, my current account has about 700 observations and a few thousand IDs.

I would like to have the old account with all of my activity from my new account. A 1:1 swap. The reason for this is that it uses one of my primary email accounts and it uses my nom de plume that I’ve used for over 30 years and is known in some circles.

I know this would have to be done by someone because I doubt there’s any code for this circumstance, but what are the chances anyone will do this for me? Who would I even contact to ask about this?

Thanks for any advice you may have.


i would assume that, as an alternative, you could also delete or rename your old unused iNat acount, freeing up that login, and then just rename your current iNat account to that old name. but i’ve never tried that before. so i would still reach out to iNat staff first to see what they think is the best approach.


@pisum - thank you. Tony said he would hook me up. My situation was easy due to my original account being blank/empty, so all I really had to do was ask.

It hasn’t happened yet but he sounded sure and casual, as if it were no hassle and wasn’t an uncommon task.

Thank you for your help.


I had the same problem.
I emailed and they were able to merge the two accounts.


Ditto. I somehow had two accounts several years ago and they were able to merge them.

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