Switch Observations to another account

I’m a teacher and I have a teacher account as well as my personal account. I’ve started a project documenting the biodiversity at our school (we have a semi-wooded campus, so there’s quite a bit) but I already had made several observations under my personal account. Is there any way to transfer observations between accounts/users?


If there aren’t too many, you could upload those shots again. (Or, download them off the website, then upload them on the other account.)

does it matter which account the observation falls under? if others see that there are observations under your personal account and your teacher account, will that cause issues?

I figured I’d just have to re-upload them. It’s about 45, which isn’t horrible, but I was hoping for an easier way.

I guess it’s not a huge deal. I just wanted to keep things tidier and my two lives separate. I’ve got a few observations logged with my school account that has a handle that’s based on my name. I’m trying to encourage students and faculty to use iNat and look at an Umbrella project I made to collect info about the school, but right now the top of the leaderboard is my personal account whose handle is the genus of my favorite plant, so unless you read my profile to find out it’s only me, it looks like some stranger whose username looks like “big one” has been roaming around campus tagging our biota. :wink:

Also there’s logs of my friends and me having discussions about some of my observations like “is this Japanese Angelica tree or Devil’s walking stick?” and somehow it seems like that shouldn’t be my students business even though it’s absolutely scholarly.

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