Transfer observations from one account to another

Hello, in my account I have at least 100 observations that are not mine, they are photos taken by my aunt. Today she sent me more photos so I decided to create her own personal account, but in my account I still have many photos of her, there is some easy way to transfer them to her account. It is quite difficult to eliminate them in my account and re-upload them in hers, not only for the amount but also the research grade of most of them would be lost. Do I have to send an email to ?

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There is no tool users can access to change owners of an observation. Other than deletion and recreating them as you note the only option is to see if the site is willing to do it in the backend database.


Forgive my ignorance, but what is the backend?

The actual physical database the data is stored in which only site staff can interact with.

If you have a query that will return only the observations concerned, then emailing help@inaturalist with that query url and asking them politely if they can help (give full details, make it as easy for them as you can!)… then they might be able to help.

Personally, unless the Aunt wanted all of her observations in her own account, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much…

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I would worry much having someone else’s observations on my account, if @nicolasr haven’t seen the specimens then they shouldn’t be on their page and have to separated.


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