Can I use the iNAT maps and immediately transfer to my Google Maps on my phone?

I would like to be able to be driving down the road with my cell phone and find a spot with iNAT maps for locations and immediately be able to get directions on my cell phone like ebird does. I cannot seem to figure how to do this on iNAT? any tips would be MUCH appreciated!

To my knowledge iNat does not have any route-finding capacity. It’s not what it’s set up for and would require a lot of under-the-hood changes.


assuming Android since you want to use G Maps, if you open and observation in the app and look at the map, there should be the place description at the bottom of the map. click on the place description, and that should open up a fullscreen map with coordinates shown on top. also on the top of the screen is a share button, which you can click to share the coordinates with G Maps.


This would take minimal preparation.

  1. You should know the general area you are visiting ahead of time. So, you can enter location in the Explore map criteria.

  2. & 3. I would think you would want to narrow down what you want to find first both by category and by current observations. Example: Find “dragonflies and damselflies” from April 2022 onward. If you don’t narrow the data markers down like this, you will be presented with a lot of markers. Plant markers alone would probably overwhelm you.

If you want to get directions using Google maps to a specific (non-obscured) observation, you can easily copy/paste the GPS coordinates from iNat to Google Maps.

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Thanks everyone! It really is very easy! Almost embarrassingly so. Thank you very much for pointing out where to look. It is very simple and useful. We are coming in from Thailand and will be on a 10,000 mile road trip of the states this summer. Hope for some new mammals!!! Cheers


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