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I no not have a GPS system for my photos so rely on the iNaturalist maps. I find they lack many features such as logging roads , creeks etc. The Toronto Zoo frog report system uses satellite photos for locating the observations which I then use and can pinpoint the location of my photograph much more accurately than with the inaturalist map.

Hi @pcapper, welcome to the iNaturalist forum. What platform are you referring to? You can switch to view satellite maps on the website, iOS app, and Android app.


iNat uses Google maps, on each platform there’s a button to switch to satellite view. If you neeed some other kinds of maps there’s a topic for it

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We were delighted when iNat enabled satellite view so promptly after we asked for it. Where I hike around Cape Town I use a camera with no GPS. We are often out of reach of cellphone reception. But zoomed in to satellite view, I can follow the trail and find my just there


Just to clarify, we use Google Maps on our website and in our Android apps but use Apple Maps in our iOS apps.


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