My KML-files don't appear to work for creating places. What am I doing wrong?

Hi. I’m not the best at computer stuff… I tried to make a place for a project and made a KML file by drawing a polygon in google earth.
That all worked and creating a place went smoothly as well. It showed the correct shape at the correct location in iNat.

However, it told me (both in the “place” view and in the project) that there were no observation in that place, which is not true. There are loads already there. (I know because it is my parents’ garden). I have deleted the place again.

Is it a bug? Does it need time to display the observations? Am I doing something wrong (very likely. lol)?
Please help

Yes it takes at least a few hours I think. Maybe wait until tomorrow and see if you still have a problem.

Can you link to the place?


If no errors occur when creating the place I should wait days…this takes some time…

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