Can SEEK app users contribute observations to a "project" in iNaturalist?

I am planning a community Bioblitz, my first one! Can I tell kids to use the SEEK app and then contribute their observations to our “project” in iNaturalist? I understand that they would have to have an iNaturalist account as well in order to do this. But does anyone know if they can join projects or if that feature is somehow blocked since it requires the observations are collected in a specific area.
Thank you so much for your help with this!

As far as I know one can only “join” a project via the iNaturalist app/website, not via Seek.

How will your project be configure, what are the criteria:

  • If you have only defined a place and time for your collection project any observations shared to iNat will be added to it (meeting these criteria) no need for people to join or even know about the project)
  • if you require people to “join” the project this needs to be done via the iNat app, at that point I don’t really see why not using iNaturalist in the first place.

A more general question, why use Seek if you ask them to also create an iNat account to share the observations? This might be confusing? As far as I understand Seek is really made with the aim to motivate people thant dont want to create an account (or cant like kids) to get started but later on givvve them the possibility to share their data to iNat and “move over” to the more advanced platform.

Also if you talk about “kids”, what age are you talking about? be aware of : “The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old, unless parental permission has been obtained.”


Thank you so much for your response! Yes, I am trying everything I can to encourage people and mostly kids to come out to our Bioblitz and get enthusiastic about nature! I thought about promoting the SEEK app for it’s ease of use and privacy, but then I thought I would confuse them if I told them to “join our project” if they are unable to. I think I will leave the SEEK promoting out this time and see how the event goes, then in the future I can talk about the advantages of SEEK and how they can go home and add to iNaturalist for the Biobltiz data collection? Thanks again for your time, I apologize for just now getting back to you. :)

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