Can you "export" observations from one project to another?

About a year and a half ago I started a project to compile wildlife roadkill in my country. Earlier this month someone else created a similar project that has around 500 more marked observations of roadkill. Is there a way to “export” those observations onto mine or other projects (such as Global Roadkill Observations, which I noticed quite a few of those lack) or do I have to go adding them manually one by one?
Obviously I cannot hope to document all instances of roadkill, but I’d still like for my project to be as complete and thorough as possible since I hope to use it for both education and (hopefully) research purposes, so you can imagine some 500+ observations can make quite the difference. So, is there a workaround this issue? Thanks in advance!

What’s the URL of your project?

Here it is:

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Great, thanks. This is a traditional project, which I think is best for roadkill observations. However, the only ways to get observations into your project are:

  • you or any other project member manually adds the observation to your project, provided the observer allows others to add their observations to projects.

  • observers join your project and add their observations to it. They can do it one by one, or they can add their observations in a batch using the batch edit function.

Or you might consider collaborating with the other project’s admin (if it’s also collecting roadkill observations in Argentina) and focusing on one project rather than have the same data split between multiple projects with the same goals.

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You might want to create an umbrella project and include both projects in it. That way if any more projects come up its easy to add them, and you can see which projects are most active.


@tiwane @aphili8 thank you both, I will contact the project creator and see how to best resolve it (funnily enough, he is already a member of my project :) ). Personally I want to keep mine operating even if it may not have as much use as other ones, but we shall see what happens in the future I guess.

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