Roadkill project: I need help on setting my project so it only shows roadkill observations and not all the observations of dead animals that are uploaded by people that have joined the project

I need help with the settings of a recent project I created about roadkills in Guatemala:

I am having the problem that the project uploads any observation of a dead animal that the people that have joined the project add. I don’t know how to add another filter or option to be sure that the observations of dead animals on the project are because they were of a roadkill event and not any event.

Any advice on this?


You need a traditional project, there you can set an observation field required for it. Check other roadkill projects that already exist, you need to do quite the same but with your chosen location.


Hola Bárbara. I think traditional projects are the only way (currently) to have roadkill observations accurately.

You could set up your collection project with animals marked as “dead”, but then you will have general pictures, not necessarily roadkilled ones.

I made a suggestion on the forum: enable a filter by tags on projects, so that people can write the word “roadkill” on the notes section and then your project can show all observations that include this word. But I guess we need to wait some time to see if this gets attention.

In case you start a traditional project: what I do is tell people to include their observation in the project, and once a month I use the “explore” tab to find observations with “roadkill” as a tab and manually include them on the traditional project.

In case you want to check this project :



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