Collecting observations of what seems to be a single, unknown species (Project or not?)

as I go along my rampage taking pictures of all the cool spiders I can find, there are some I find somewhat often that I think may be of the same species, at least from their general appearance, but have no species level ID yet.

I would like to put all these observations in one place, but I’m not sure what to use for that.

I first thought of making a project, but then saw that Projects are designed for “designed to automatically include all of the observations that fit the places, taxa, users, quality, and dates that you define.” and saw the little note that says “No manual addition of observations.”

This isn’t really what I want, I’d like to manually add observations to this “collection”. Are projects still the way to go? Should I just start dumping the links into a text file for now?


You can make a traditional project that you can add to manually,

or you can use observation fields for this, and then when you want to look at all of the observations together you can filter for this field.



Tags work for this too and it means others can easily add tags if they then find it too.

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