Canada exceeds 1 million verifiable observations

Earlier today I believe it was, Canada became the 3rd nation to be represented by over 1 million verifiable observations.

Just wanted to say congrats to my fellow denizens of the Great White North, or anyone who has visited to help get to this milestone.


I had way too much fun watching the roll-over last night!


if Canada is #3 to pass this mark, who was #2?

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The US and Mexico are the other 2 nations over 1 million.


thanks! I didn’t realize Mexico had such a strong iNat presence, that’s pretty awesome in itself. It’s great to see international activity increasing all over the site.

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And I’m personally just a couple away from 1,500 (though not all in Canada). Each brought it’s own little bit of joy, not just upon observation, but also upon confirming what it could be (sometimes more than once, when the first try was wrong), so thanks to this community for more than 3,000 hits of happiness.


Great graphic Liv!

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