Canadian addresses as parametres for projects?

Hi, I am working on a large umbrella project for an ecologically important local region - and I am not able to enter in Canadian street parametres or a Canadian creek as a project address?

Why can’t I select a location for my project using the a map with the perspective of google maps? I can use street addresses, it isn’t as precise, but even those aren’t coming up for projects. I would also like the option of drawing my project’s parametres on a google map system like the one I use for my observations.

Also, should someone from my area provide iNaturalist with a list of map points to be added to the limited location selection options currently available?

If that is possible, or please discuss. Thanks.

I don’t think using an address would work for a project as it is just a point, not a place with an area. You want an area that all your focal observations would be inside. It sounds like you need to create a place for your project. You should check out previous posts like these for info (I’m sure there are others too):


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