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Today I tried to start a new project for my neighborhood, but I’ve had difficulty creating a new place for my neighborhood. I tried to follow the instructions (see below) for creating the place, but I don’t see an “Add a new place” option anywhere. Help!

copy-pasted instructions:

  1. f you have 50 verifiable observations, you can make your own place! Click “Places” under the “More” tab in the site header, and click “Add a new place” in the lower right. Choose the “Manually create a new place” tab and draw a boundary around the place you’d like to create by clicking on the map, or upload a KML file. Give your place a name, save it, and you should be able to choose it when editing your project.

Hello! Welcome to iNat and the iNat Forum. It looks like you only have 11 of the required minimum of 50 verifiable observations in order to make a place. Verifiable means it has a label that says Needs ID or Research Grade on this page


I didn’t realize I personally need 50 IDs. The area I want to make a place has more than enough.

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@slothross, this requirement was added a few months ago. The iNaturalist community felt that adding places and projects is more of an intermediate level use of the resource, and that it is beneficial for users to have a degree of experience with iNaturalist observations before launching places and projects (regardless of your level of naturalist expertise). Please don’t regard this as an obstruction - it doesn’t take long to make the 50 verifiable observations (they can be anywhere), and then construct your place. Hope it goes well!


Thanks for letting me know!

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