Cannot edit (add/remove) species in Observation Requirements

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Hi all. I am managing two collection projects pooling data on non-native insects of Greece and Cyprus. During the last month I have been trying to update species in Observation Requirements but no matter what I change or even if I don’t change anything when I click on “Done” I get the message you see on the screenshot. So, the changes are not saved and I cannot update the projects.

The pages currently collect data on more than 1100 species in each project. Is it because of that? Can I do anything about it?

that’s possible, but it might be helpful to open up the Developer Tools in your browser, and look at the errors that show up in the Console and/or Network monitor. that’s probably going to provide more to troubleshoot from than an “undefined” error.

This is what appears.

ok. so based on the HTTP 500 error (internal server error), it does appear that the server is encountering some situation that it doesn’t know how to handle when processing your project update request. you wouldn’t be able to tell for sure what’s going without doing some debugging or additional testing, but it’s very likely that it’s unable to handle more than a certain number of project criteria. so you probably will have to reduce the number of taxa in your project. you could create multiple projects to handle subsets of taxa and then group them together in an umbrella project.


Many thanks for your response. I asked another colleague who is also a project member to try and add some species but he got the exact same message. So, we will probably have to split the project per insect order into smaller subsets and make an umbrella project including all subsets.
Thank you once again for your time devoted to my question.