Cannot filter by BC Parks project

It is not possible to filter by the BC Parks project on iNaturalist. The large umbrella project captures all observations collected in BC Parks and being able to filter by it is important for BC Parks employees and researchers. My colleagues and I are working to create a Species at Risk project and would like to be able to see which of those species are present in parks but cannot do so until the filter function is fixed.


Step 1: Go to “Explore” heading on iNaturalist, select “Filters” and then “More Filters”

Step 2: In the “Project” section enter “bc-parks”
The BC Parks project ( does not come up as one of the options

Using Chrome on a PC

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, welcome to the Forum!

As an interim solution, try going to

Give me a moment and I’ll figure out the proper URL for the Explore and Identify pages…

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You have to type it into the search bar like:

Because there is a limit to the number of searches shown and so many BC Parks projects, it doesn’t show up. It should probably show up first as the best “exact match” but I’m not sure how the search logic for ordering results works there.


Not really a bug specific to BC Parks, more just an issue with searches in general when it comes to phrases/terms with a lot of results. For now I recommend the workarounds posted above. I’m going to close this bug report because it’s really a broader, more complicated issue.