Licensed parameter in get/observations does not seem to work

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) :

According to the API documentation here get/observations has a boolean parameter called licensed.

However adding it you get an identical result set with either choice. Thus and this return an identical number of records.

Documentation outdated or broken API search ?

last time i checked, the API itself worked, but the screen did not. see

licensed was never implemented for Explore, only for the API –
compare vs

Is this indicated anywhere or just something we are supposed to know?

not every parameter in the observation search API endpoint is implemented in the observation search screen, and their default parameters are a little different, too (the screen filters for verifiable and non-spam by default, even if you don’t specify those parameters). i don’t think it could ever be assumed that every parameter available in the API was available on the screen.

if you really want to know if if a particular parameter is implemented, you could check the code in Github, or you could look at your browser’s network activity monitor to see if the screen is making a request in the background that includes the parameter, for example: