Filter copyright infringement as no photo

Even if you filter so that you only see posts with photos, observations with photos removed for copyright infringement still show up. I would like these to be filtered, since they, too, have no photo. Thank you for considering this request.

Having these observations still show up in any way seems wrong to me. The observations with copyright issues tend to have others, too, e.g. a snarling grizzly bear photo assigned to Egypt. I’d like these to be completely removed from iNaturalist.


One challenge is the site staff does not have capacity to review and manually delete them. Nor can curators delete them. You probably should not auto delete them as there are cases where things get flagged as copyright (accidentally or even maliciously) which are not.

The only way I could really see it working is some kind of review and “vote” process where if enough curators agree it is a violation, then it is removed.

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In the meantime though not considering it as “has photo” if all images are under copyright takedowns seems like a no-brainer.

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To clarify a bit: when observations have their photos flagged as copyrighted, they get moved to casual, but they still count as having photos. If I understand @peakaytea correctly, the request is not to remove the observations from iNaturalist, but to have them filtered out when you search for observations with photos.


Yes, jwidness, that’s what I’m saying. Thank you for clarifying.


Well I noticed the github issue for this was closed with a commit, but it didn’t actually change the behavior: