Cannot Join project

Platform (Website)
Browser (Chrome)

I cannot join a project
I just get the whaleshark.

(If I try and join a project that I have already joined, then I get the correct message that I have already joined the project).

Other users report same in trying to join

Please tell us when fixed: have a backlog of users wanting/needing to join these projects.

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I’m already in the Habitats.

But tried and failed to join 2022. Last new member was 22 November. Perhaps Admin has closed it till whenever, next year? @kestrel ?

Tony, I am having the same problem “whaleshark” when trying to join the new city nature challenge 2022 for the Liverpool City region:

Looks like a more common problem after all.

Seems to be working for some projects, not for others. I’ve let our devs know.

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This should be fixed but I’m going to leave the bug report for a bit in case anyone finds exceptions.

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