Cannot search for observations in Boston, Massachusetts, USA


When I try to search for observations in “Boston, MA, USA” it always selects “Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Boston, MA, USA”. I type “Boston, MA, USA” in the Location box, and in the dropdown I click “Boston, MA, USA” but then the results and the selection area are always for: “Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Boston, MA, USA”. This is frustrating as I’m trying to research invasive plants in the city of Boston, but I have no way of selecting it other than bounding box on iNaturalist, which does not cover just the city’s limits.

I’m having this problem on a Windows 10 PC running the latest version of Google Chrome. Specifically when using the Explore/Observations search screen.

Is there any way this can be resolved? Boston is such a big city that it should be searchable…


  • Kyle

If I search for “Boston, MA, US” I get to this place, which looks ok to me:

Either this place does not have the polygon associated to it that you expect, or you end up at some other place.

maybe you could post the link to the search result that you end up at, this will make it easier to understand what you are looking at. thanks

The usual issue I expect. See …
Filter location: United States - Bug Reports - iNaturalist Community Forum

Instead of using the location box, type “Boston” into the “Place” box:


Selecting “Boston, MA, USA” from the location dropdown menu selects “Boston African American [Museum]” as location instead.

Please use the workaround described above by sgene – use Filters->More Filters->Place.


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