Cannot select genus Paracorymbia as an ID

maybe a related issue, this problem has been reported to me by another user and I can replicate:

I cannot enter the Genus Paracorymbia, only species within the genus:

Of the nearly 1,000 observations there are only three on genus level, each time because of disagreements withing the genus.

This problem occurs in different browsers (Safari, Firefox) on Mac and also with different accounts.

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seems like in this specific case, there’s something wrong with the taxon setup. it doesn’t look like there are any names set up for it. this ( should return something, but it returns nothing, and you can’t see the names on the taxon setup:

now sure how names are added, but maybe someone can try adding a name?

I added the name and it seems to be working OK now:


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strange. i wonder how it ended up with no scientific name?

Not sure! It’s always felt a bit strange that the default sciname taxon_name is stored separately from the name.

When you try to delete a default sciname taxon_name, this error message is displayed:

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